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The washer dryer combo is an example of a versatile all-in-one washing machine and dryer that takes up a small footprint. Say goodbye to switching loads from the washing machine to the dryer. The washer dryer combo will take a single load of laundry all the way from washed, to rinsed, to dry.

You should also be aware of some of the disadvantages of washer dryer combos. Below, you'll find our review.

Pro Tip! The term "washer dryer combo" is often confused with washer and dryer set or laundry center. The picture below will give you a quick idea of the differences between these appliances.

Washer Dryer Combo vs Laundry Center vs Stackable Washer Dryer
Washer Dryer Combo vs Laundry Center vs Stackable Washer & Dryer

5 Best Washer Dryer Combo Picks in 2022

1. Best Overall LG WM3555HWA

Width: 24-inch | Height: 33 1/2-inch | Depth: 22 1/4-inch | Capacity: 2.4 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 14 | RPM: 1,400 | Color: White or Graphite Steel | Steam Washer/Dryer: Yes | Voltage: 110V | Energy Star: No | Wifi: Yes | Dryer: Ventless Condenser

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Reasons To Buy

  • Standard 2.4 cu. ft. capacity.
  • SmartThinQ Wifi Technology expands limit of your laundry room.
  • TubClean Cycle ensures the machine is always clean.
  • Cold Wash Technology.
  • Steam Clean & Sanitize.
  • 120V power makes it versatile.

This 24-inch wide 22 1/4-inch deep LG WM3555HWA fits in a tight closet and provides you with all the available conveniences of a modern laundry. The all-in-one washer dryer has a ventless dryer. This technology eliminates the trouble of venting externally. The 6 motion technology incorporates drum moves that help agitate clothes in a gentle yet effective format.

The steam technology feature simply permeates the clothes to take out dirt and foul odors. It enables you to select a cycle, start-stop and finish the wash, and get notifications when the function is completed--all from your phone. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can control your laundry with voice commands.

2. Best Energy Efficiency Blomberg WMD24400W

Width: 23 1/5-inch | Height: 33 1/10-inch | Depth: 23 1/5-inch | Capacity: 1.96 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 16 | RPM: 1,400 | Color: White | Steam Washer/Dryer: No | Voltage: 208/240V | Energy Star: Yes | Wifi: No | Dryer: Ventless Heat Pump

Blomberg WMD24400W
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Reasons To Like

  • Tub sanitize cycle.
  • Ventless drying system.
  • Water cooling operation.
  • Wash and wear cycle.
  • Optima inverter motor technology.
  • Compact 24-inch capacity.

Experience optimum conservation of energy and water with the Bloomberg WMD24400W. The machine features an automatic water adjustment system that helps release the exact amount required for each laundry load. It calculates the size of the laundry and uses the precise quantity of water for a thorough rinse.

It offers a fast cleaning cycle for small loads of unsoiled clothes. It also has the recent laundry technology with easy-to-use liquid detergent, delivering the best washing conditions for your fabrics. With a ventless drying operation and water-cooled operation, this Bloomberg washer dryer combo is very simple to use.

3. The Largest Capacity LG WM3998HBA

Width: 27-inch | Height: 39-inch | Depth: 30 1/4-inch | Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 14/12 | RPM: 1,300 | Color: Black Steel | Steam Washer/Dryer: Steam | Voltage: 120V | Energy Star: Yes | Wifi: Yes | Dryer: Ventless Condenser

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Reasons To Like

  • 4.5 cu ft. Ultra Large Capacity.
  • Direct Drive Motor uses fewer moving parts for more efficient operation and reduced chances of damage.
  • SmartDiagnosis for quicker damage detection.
  • Turbowash technology.
  • Ventless Condensing Drying System.
  • Compact 24-inch capacity.

Fast-forward through your laundry time without lowering your standards of the thoroughness with the LG WM3998HBA 27-inch washer dryer combo. It is designed to deliver efficient cleaning while reducing wash time with the twin spray nozzle and atomizing rinse feature. The machine comfortably handles eight pounds of cloths in one wash, an upgrade on new front load washer.

The SmartDiagnosis makes use of self-detection technology to transfer information to the product customer care. Furthermore, the ColdWash feature uses cold water and upgraded motions of washing to permeate into fabrics. This feature helps you to save more energy on a warm-water wash.

4. Best Cleaning Performance GE GFQ14ESSNWW

Width: 23 7/16-inch | Height: 33 1/4-inch | Depth: 25 5/8-inch | Capacity: 2.4 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 14/3 | RPM: 1,450 | Color: White | Steam Washer/Dryer: Yes | Voltage: 120V | Energy Star: Yes | Wifi: Optional | Dryer: Ventless Condenser

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Reasons To Like

  • Steam Wash penetrates the fabric and loosens stains while protecting your clothes.
  • Sanitize cycles enables a deeper clean with high heat to kill bacteria.
  • Five soil level selections help you take control of the wash cycle.
  • Add-a-garment button pauses the operation, opens the door and allows you to add a fabric.
  • 1,450 RPM motor extracts moisture effectively and leaves less work for the dryer.
  • Detergent, Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispensers.

You can wash all your items in less time with the 2.4 cubic feet capacity GE GFQ14ESSNWW washer dryer combo. A small load with lightly soiled items can finish a wash cycle in 33 minutes. The steam wash features helps detergent to penetrate deep in the fibers of your clothing. This loosens hard-to-fight stains and removes them easily. Steam in combination with hot temperature is ideal for sanitization. Great for families with infants or allergy sufferers.

The machine can be conveniently installed under the counter without an external vent. It washes and dries your clothes in a single-step combination washer and clothes dryer that saves space and time.

No need to bother with excessive use of detergent with the automatic dispensers installed in the washer dryer combo. Fabric softener and bleach will release automatically at an optimal point during the wash cycle.

5. Best Laundry Center GE GUD27ESSMWW Laundry Center

GE GUD27ESSMWW in a closet

Width: 26 3/4-inch | Height: 75 7/8-inch | Depth: 30 7/8-inch | Capacity: Washer/Dryer 3.8/5.9 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 11 | RPM: 800 | Color: White | Steam Washer/Dryer: No | Voltage: 240V (Gas version 120V) | Energy Star: Yes | Wifi: No | Dryer: Vented

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Reasons To Like

  • Separate washer and dryer gives you freedom and saves time as you can wash and dry at the same time.
  • Vented dryer is faster compared to condensing dryers.
  • Five soil-level selections help you take control of the wash cycle.
Reasons To Avoid

  • Your laundry room will resemble the 1970s. Not the most attractive look.
  • Takes up more space than a modern washer dryer combo.
  • Low RPM motor does not extract maximum moisture during wash cycle, which in turn adds time in the dryer.
  • Not as gentle on clothes as the front load technology.

The GE GUD27ESSMWW is technically not a washer dryer combo. In the industry, we refer to this style as a laundry center. However, most people think of the unitary laundry center as a washer dryer combo. In the interest of not disappointing our readers, we included this product as part of our recommendation.

If you are looking for a direct replacement of your old laundry centers, the
GE GUD27ESSMWW might be an ideal choice. It comes in 27-inch or 24-inch width and with gas or electric dryer options. GE makes this laundry center in white as well as a diamond-gray color.

GE recently released the Energy Star-certified version of this product, the GE GUD27EESNWW, at a slighly higher price point with a slightly larger drum capacity. The company also makes a version designed for extended vent lines (a.k.a. long vent version) like the GE GUV27ESSMWW.

Just like other laundry centers, this washer automatically measures the load size and dispenses the exact amount of water and detergent needed for a clean wash. It dries your clothes with a four-cycle 800 RPM maximum spin speed. All in all, this unitized laundry center is designed to be a replacement piece for GE rather than a pillar of wash quality.

tuck away the washer dryer combo
It is easy to tuck away the washer dryer combo
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Pros: Reasons To Buy a Washer Dryer Combo

  • Small footprint. You have limited space for a washer and dryer.
  • Quiet performance. Washer dryer combos use the latest technology.
  • Powerful washer 1,400 RPM motor extracts maximum moisture, which helps if you simply want to air-dry your clothes instead of taking up a drying cycle.
  • Beats taking a trip to a laundromat. Ideal for urban dwellers or for small families.
  • Attractive design. Will not be an eyesore if the washer dryer combo is exposed in an open laundry closet/room.
  • Wifi connect. Great for remote management and diagnostics.

Cons: Reasons To Avoid

  • Hard to do back-to-back loads. Be prepared for a 2 1/2 to 3 1/2-hour wash plus dry cycle.
  • Not practical for large families. Doing multiple loads in a given day is a challenge with washer dryer combos.
  • Long dry time. Drying time is longer than vented machines. Rooms with insufficient air flow and ambient humidity slow down drying.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Washer Dryer Combo

  • Install in a room with good ventilation for faster drying results
  • Some people take a portion of the laundry out once the wash program is over and air-dry it. This saves time during the dry cycle for towels and cottons that take time.
  • Remove lint after every load.
  • Start laundry before going to bed or going to out. When you wake up or come back home, you will have a fresh, clean load of clothes.

Are There Any Alternate Washer Dryers That I Should Consider?

The compact washer and dryers are space-efficient and offer full functionality while fitting in a tight laundry space, tucking under a countertop, or stacking in a closet or cabinet. With this type of versatility, you can relocate an outdated washer and dryer set from the basement to a hallway or second floor bedroom quite easily.

These smaller, more space-efficient laundry pairs offer the same rich cycles, features, and fabric care as their full-size counterparts. In the compact category, the dryer models are ventless (with less than a handful of exceptions).

Watch our exclusive video review of ventless dryers.

The traditional, standard-size washer and dryers are mostly 27-inches wide. They come in front load or top load washer configurations. You can use the set side by side or stackable washer and dryer format. Standard sized washing machines offer a host of options, from features to accessories like pedestals and colors and styles. The choices really are endless.

Laundry centers are relics from the '70s. However, it is not unusual to come across them in larger rental buildings. Due to their small capacity and less than desirable looks we usually do not recommend them.

The LG WashTower is a brand new addition to the world of laundry machines. It is the only modern, single unit, washer dryer combo with a full-size washer and vented dryer. It is the only modern washer dryer combo with easy-to-reach controls in the middle.

LG washer dryer combo
LG WashTower is an elegant solution with easy to reach controls*

How To Avoid Costly Mistakes?

When shopping for a best washer dryer combo, start with the footprint in your home, estimate how often you will be doing laundry, and how accessible you need your laundry set to be. Maybe you have a smaller space and would like to tuck your washer and dryer combo under a countertop.

As for the machines themselves, there are key distinctions to consider. Dimensions: Are you interested in a 24-inch or 27-inch wide washer dryer combo? Consider the depth. The 24-inch products typically run 25-inches deep whereas the 27-inch models can be more than 30 inches.

Electrical: Do you have 220/240 Volt outlet in your laundry room? If not, you may want to talk to an electrician about whether it's feasible to pull a new line. Otherwise, look for a standard voltage 120V washer dryer combo. Keep in mind that 240 Volt models - especially those with heat pump dryers - perform better than lower-voltage competitors.

If you have a tall closet, you might be able to fit a 24-inch compact washer with a ventless dryer on the top. As we mentioned before, separating the washer and the dryer will allow you to do more loads.


No matter how you slice it, by having the washer and the dryer in the same box, a washer dryer combo will take a long time to finish a cycle. This still beats going to the laundromat around the corner for a communal laundry experience or the expense of a trip to the cleaners.


Do I need to use special detergents in a washer dryer combo?
No, a washer dryer combo uses the standard, supermarket-variety, high-efficiency detergent. So, there would be no need for an extra expense.