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A counter depth refrigerator may be your best bet if it's important to you that your appliances integrate with your kitchen design and proportions.

But not all counter depth fridges are created equally. I will outline the pros and cons across different brands to help you with your decision.

I'm the founder of Designer Appliances, a premier appliance store in New Jersey, and I have 15+ years of experience. I've test-driven these counter depth refrigerators (and their predecessors), and sat through countless hours of training. Most importantly, I've heard real-life feedback from our customers in real time. In this article, I'll share my experience with you.

counter depth refrigerator explained

Our 5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators

1. Best Overall Bosch B36CT80SNS

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Bosch Refrigerator B36CT80SNS
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Pros - Reasons to Buy:

  • Food that will stay fresh longer.
  • Plenty of storage to serve a family.
  • Multiple door design options.
  • Wi-Fi with HomeConnect App.
Cons - Reasons to Avoid:

  • Price point.
  • Large ice maker. (In an ideal world, we’d trade part of it for more freezer storage!)

Why I chose this Bosch B36CT80SNS as our best overall counter depth refrigerator?

This Bosch refrigerator comes with dual compressors, which is an engineering feature we typically only see in $10K+ built-in refrigerators.

Here’s the benefit: Standard refrigerators share the air between the fridge and freezer. This causes erratic swings in temperature and humidity. The Bosch fridge independently conditions the air in each chamber. As a result, the refrigerator will maintain its humid, cool air and the freezer will maintain the dry, cold air. Setting these ideal conditions helps preserve your food dramatically longer.

Want to chill drinks right before a party? Turn on the SuperCool setting, which temporarily drops the fridge temperature before returning it to normal after two hours.

Similarly, the SuperFreeze brings the freezer temperature down to -8 degrees F for six hours before returning to its standard temperature.

Bosch offers seasonal rebates and a standing kitchen package promotion with a 10 to 15 percent discount.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Ice Maker with Filtered Water, LED Lights.
  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers help keep food fresher longer.
  • Dual compressor system provides even temperatures and minimizes odor transfer.
  • VitaFreshPro adds extra controls to balance temperature and humidity.
  • SuperCool generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored food can be rapidly chilled.
  • SuperFreezing protects frozen food from defrosting when loading the freezer with new items.

Our Ratings:

  • Temperature Control Best

    You can control the temperature. Dual compressor design is impressive. Uniform internal temperature. SuperFreeze and SuperCool are important features.

  • Food Preservation Best

    Provides best-in-class balance of temperature, air flow and humidity.

  • Build Quality, Fit and Finish Better

    Durable materials. Smudgeproof stainless. Elegant, up-to-date look.

  • Interior Organization Better

    Plenty of space. Adjustable shelves. Gallon door storage. It would have been nice to have folding shelves to store tall items such as bottles.

  • Cool Tech Better

    Wi-Fi and the HomeConnect app work well. Interior cameras would be nice to have.

  • Brand Reliability Best

    1-year parts and labor warranty. Nationwide customer service.

Other Bosch Refrigerator Models:

The French door refrigerator design is very popular in modern kitchens.

The new Bosch dual-compressor refrigerators share the same internal mechanisms. However, Bosch offers different design styles to match your kitchen, including a black stainless-steel finish, 4-door versions with recessed handles, and professional handle versions (to match all-Thermador kitchens) all of which are available to view in the lineup.

2. Best Budget Frigidaire Gallery GRSC2352AF

Frigidaire GRSC2352AF in a kitchen setting
Frigidaire Refrigerator GRSC2352AF
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Pros - Reasons to Buy:

  • Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel that resists fingerprints for easy maintenance.
  • Organized freezer system.
  • LED lighting and adjustable shelves.
Cons - Reasons to Avoid:

  • No Wi-Fi.
  • No spillproof shelves.

This side-by-side fridge is ideal for families who want an organized freezer.

This is an excellent price point for a counter depth refrigerator, particularly one this spacious.


  • Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel; resists fingerprints for easy maintenance.
  • Fairly spacious with 22.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • LED Lighting
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Temperature Control Good

    Temperature gauge for both fridge and the freezer.

  • Food Preservation Better

    Provides basic level of temperature, air flow and humidity.

  • Build Quality, Fit and Finish Better

    Smudgeproof stainless ideal for landlords and house flippers.

  • Interior Organization Better

    Plenty of space. Adjustable shelves. Gallon door storage.

  • Cool Tech Good

    No wifi or other modern convenience features.

  • Brand Reliability Better

    1-year parts and labor warranty. Nationwide customer service.

3. Most Reliable & Unique Features GE Profile PYE22PYNFS

GE Profile PYE22KYNFS counter depth fridge in a yellow kitchen
GE Profile Refrigerator PYE22PYNFS
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Pros - Reasons to Buy:

  • Reliable. Overall GE is the most reliable refrigerator brand in the US. GE service network with plenty of parts reaches every corner of the country.
  • Ice, water, hot water & coffee. Water dispenser has not only cold water and ice, but can serve you coffee and hot water for tea.
  • Flexible interior. Adjustable shelves ideal for tall items. Door storage is spacious and can handle gallon items with ease. Plenty of interior illumination.
Cons - Reasons to Avoid:

  • Can be pricey for some. Check out seasonal promotions if you can time your purchase. Consider GE Profile PYE22KYNFS as a money saving alternative. (You will just lose the hot water dispenser.)
  • Availability. GE brands experienced a rush of demand during the pandemic. Product availability is still an issue.
Coffee and hot water along with cold water dispenser, adjustable shelving
Coffee and hot water along with cold water dispenser, adjustable shelving


  • Hands-free autofill dispenser, which lets you walk away while your container automatically fills with filtered water.
  • Full width, electronic temperature-controlled deli and vegetable drawers
  • Option to incorporate a second ice maker in the freezer.
  • TwinChill evaporators separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections help foods last longer.
  • LED lighting.

4. Best 4-Door Counter Depth Refrigerator Samsung RF23A9671SR

Samsung 4 door counter depth refrigerator in a modern blue kitchen
Samsung RF23A9671SR
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Pros - Reasons to Buy:

  • Best water dispenser solution. This Samsung refrigerator hides the water dispenser behind a door-in-door design. Easy access without letting cold air out. Built in light. Standard water dispenser along with an ever-fill water pitcher for ultimate convenience to serve multiple guests.
  • Dual ice maker. Choose from standard cubed ice or nugget-style Ice Bites. You will not run out of ice.
  • Convert from freezer to fridge. Lower right chamber offers flexibility. You can program it as a fridge, freezer, or something in between. Expand your storage for vegetables, meat, or ice cream just with a touch of a button.
  • Blends in your kitchen. Handless design with sleek and smudgeproof finish.
Cons - Reasons to Avoid:

  • Make sure you have a local servicer. Samsung is known for its innovative products. It's the best selling brand in the US with the largest marketshare. Some customers believe that the service network did not keep up with the sales driven success. It is best to ask your local appliance repair shop if they service Samsung.
  • Freezer storage. 4-Door design with dual ice makers provide smaller than usual freezer storage.
Samsung counter depth refrigerator with innovative water dispenser
Door in door design for easy access. Water dispenser along with ever-fill pitcher.


  • Flex Zone (converts a portion of the freezer to a fridge area when needed).
  • Food Showcase with Metal Cooling Displays puts on-the-go items front and center.
  • Premium cooling system features 3 evaporators for ultimate freshness.
  • Ice Master produces up to 5 lbs. of ice per day and stores up to 2.9 lbs.
  • High Efficiency LED Lighting.
  • Premium stainless-steel exterior with special stay-clean coating.

5. Best Columns Frigidaire Professional FPRU19F8WF

Frigidaire Professional Fridge and Freezer Columns in a Modern Kitchen with 2 Ladies
Product Place Holder
Product Place Holder
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Pros: Reasons to Buy a Counter Depth Fridge

  • This is the best price point in the market for high-end, pro-style, extra-large 64" refrigerator and freezer columns.
  • With a smudge-proof stainless-steel door, this model is easy to clean and presents well. The set also comes fully loaded with modern amenities, such as an internal ice maker, LED lights, and adjustable shelves.
  • Costs way less than a built-in refrigerator.

Cons: Reasons to Avoid Counter Depth Refrigerators

  • Replacing an old Frigidaire column. (Ultimate Pro Tip!) Frigidaire changed column dimensions over the years. Make sure to compare your existing model with the new version to see if their dimensions match.
  • Budget for a trim kit. Trim kit for flush and seamless look adds to the cost.

Frigidaire discontinued their popular models FPFU19F8RF and FPRU19F8RF last year, but we expect to see new versions hit the showroom floor in mid-2022, and have learned that they will be about 2 inches taller than the previous models.

64-inch width, 38 cu. ft. Great style with a built-in-like trim kit, and spacious enough to handle all of your refrigeration needs.

Who It's For:
Those who want the built-in look for less.

Why We Like It:
This is the best price point in the market for high-end, pro-style, extra-large 64" refrigerator and freezer columns. With a smudge-proof stainless-steel door, this model is easy to clean and presents well. The set also comes fully loaded with modern amenities, such as an internal ice maker, LED lights, and adjustable shelves. Finally, you can use the innovative trim to achieve a built-in look.


  • 32" 19 cu. ft. All Refrigerator, Counter-Depth for Seamless Finish.
  • 32" 19 cu. ft. All Freezer with Ice Maker.
  • PureAir Filtration keeps products tasting fresh.

More information: See our article on Frigidaire Professional Series.

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As the founder of an appliance store, I’ve helped many people choose their appliances. Here, you’ll find my recommendations, along with a logical approach to identifying your next fridge.

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Our Counter Depth Fridge Rating Criteria

Temperature Control
  • Ability to set the temperature both in the fridge and the freezer. We are not a fan of low-end fridges with simple low-medium-high settings.
  • Ability to adapt to ambient room temperature.
  • Flash-cool technology to preserve food quickly after your trip to the grocery store.
Food Preservation
  • Basic air flow to circulate cold air. Crisper drawers to separate fresh vegetables, fruits, and charcuterie.
  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers. Separate air circulation controls for fridge and freezer.
  • Advanced air filtration to remove gases and bacteria to prevent odors and promote freshness.
Build Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Leveling legs.
  • Spill-proof shelves.
  • Durable materials. Glass or high-quality plastics. Stainless steel interior. Door-in-door design. Dual compressors and complete separation of the fridge and freezer cooling systems.
Interior Organization
  • Height-adjustable shelves. Gallon storage door. Adequate number of bins.
  • Adjustable-width bins and baskets both in the fridge and freezer.
  • Baskets in the freezer. Fridge shelves that fold to make room for tall bottles or large pots and pans.
Cool Tech
  • Wi-Fi and App support.
  • Interior cameras.
  • Coffee maker or hot water on the external dispenser. Discreet interior water dispenser.
Brand Reliability
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty. Many known issues without public acknowledgement.
  • Nationwide, established customer service.
  • 2-12 years of sliding-scale parts and labor warranty. Great customer service.

Built-in vs Counter-Depth Fridges

When you are shopping for a fridge you might encounter some terms such as built-in vs counter-depth. Here is a quick explainer so you don't get mixed up.

  • Built-in refrigerators sit flush with your cabinetry, and may be installed with custom cabinet panels in front for a seamless integration. Their price point will give you a clue as to whether a fridge is built-in or counter-depth; built-in refrigerators usually appeal to the luxury market, with prices over $5,000. Brands such as Sub Zero, Miele, and Thermador dominate this space.
  • A counter depth refrigerator, the more affordable option, follows the contours of your kitchen cabinets and countertops and sits mostly flush with them, except for the fridge's doors and door handles. Even so, the silhouette and position of these refrigerators lends a well-designed, streamlined look to any kitchen.
Built-in refrigerators are the gold standard of upscale kitchen design. See if it this right look for you.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

As you select the best refrigerator brand for your kitchen, we highly suggest keeping this info in mind:

  1. Start by measuring your space and being aware of its exact dimensions (though this sounds straightforward, inaccurate measurements can create huge headaches down the road).
  2. Remember, kitchen cabinet depths are not standard, and can be anywhere from 24" to 26 1/2" deep. When measuring, factor in the base cabinet, the backsplash thickness, and countertop bullnose.
  3. Though the name might imply otherwise, the best counter-depth refrigerators do not come in a standard depth. The main body of the fridge (or, as we call it, the box) is typically 24" to 25" deep, but make sure you factor the door thickness and handle depth into your measurements. Some models may also require a small air gap behind the unit for ventilation.
  4. When measuring a fridge's height, be sure to add the hinge height as well.
  5. Remember, counter-depth fridges are not built-in, and you cannot make them flush to your cabinets (the hinges will not have space to turn). In addition, you cannot install a custom panel on a counter-depth fridge.

Runners Up: Counter-Depth Refrigerators

  • The 36" Thermador Freedom French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator in stainless steel is a solid choice for anyone looking for a sophisticated design. With soft close drawers, dual compressors for better food preservation, and a truly luxurious feel, this is a fridge that could easily fit into a pro-style kitchen.
  • The Samsung counter-depth RF23j9011SR fridge in Stainless Steel (or RF23j9011SG in Black Stainless) has a unique 4-door style, and you can use half of the freezer space as a "Flex Zone" that switches it to a refrigerator, or a "fresco" compartment (when the temperature is pitched between a freezer or a fridge).
  • The Samsung RF18A5101SR refrigerator is a 33" wide counter-depth refrigerator, which makes it ideal for urban apartments. Yet the 18 cu. ft. interior space is adequate for most families, and the filtered water ice maker is a great bonus.
  • The KitchenAid KRFC300ESS gets high marks in industry reviews and has already accumulated close to 2,000 customer reviews. One slight downside is that this fridge may be noisy in an open kitchen setting.
  • The GE Profile PWE23KYNFS counter depth French door refrigerator comes in multiple colors, including Stainless Steel, Slate, and Black Slate. Its 36" width and 69" height makes it a good fit for most standard kitchens. If you're wondering about the $2,000 price point, it's because this model comes with dual evaporators and reliably holds its interior temperature, meaning your food will last longer in this fridge compared to a less capable one.
  • We notice many review sites make reference to LG's LFXC24726S counter-depth refrigerators. This model has been discontinued as of 2020 and replaced by LG LRFXC2416S. It is too early for us to report on this product at this time.


Bosch, Frigidaire Gallery, Frigidaire Professional, GE Profile, and Samsung have all created world-class counter-depth refrigerators for 2022. The one you choose will depend on your own unique situation—your kitchen setup, food storage needs, budget, and desired features. But any of the five listed above will reward you with flexible food refrigeration, quality features, stylish design, and reliability you can count on for years to come.