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Elyse Moody is Designer Appliances head of content. She's written for Martha Stewart Living, Allure, O, The Oprah Magazine, ELLE, Refinery29, The Daily Beast, BBC Travel, Popular Mechanics, and more.

Montclair, New Jersey

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Monogram Appliances Reviewed: Smart, Dependable Luxury

Monogram appliances should be at the top of your list if you're planning a high-end kitchen. Hey, if it's good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, you know…

Elyse Moody

Whirlpool Washer and Dryer Review 2022: Which Model Is Right For You?

Whirlpool washer and dryer is the first name that comes to mind for many people when shopping for a new laundry set. It's little wonder, since…

Metin Ozkuzey

How to Clean a Washing Machine and Stop Mold

When you clean a front load washer, you're not just removing lint and dust. You're fighting a battle against mold and mildew, not to mention the…

Elyse Moody

10 Wine Cabinet Ideas: Kitchen Island, Butler's Pantry & More

A wine cooler might seem like an indulgence if you’re not a connoisseur or collector. But these little appliances–along with their cousin, the beverage…

Elyse Moody

Kitchen Island Ideas to Maximize Your Space

A kitchen island is one of the big reasons people want to remodel. Having one gives you space to spread out while you’re cooking and…

Elyse Moody

Kitchen Remodel Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey: How a Homeowner Built the Blue-and-White Kitchen of Her Dreams

Ruth Williams was waiting for just the right moment to renovate the 1979 kitchen in the Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey, home she, her husband, and their college-age…

Elyse Moody

6 Ideas to Make a Small Laundry Room Work Better

Small laundry room? Big opportunities. When you’re working with a tiny space, you’ve got a chance to get creative and reach for design ideas…

Elyse Moody

6 Creative Ways to Design Your Laundry Room and Save Your Back

Laundry room design ideas come in all shapes and sizes—and heights. Simply stacking your washer and dryer, setting them atop matching pedestal drawers from the…

Elyse Moody

The Best Front Load Washers of 2022

A front load washer looks sleek and stylish in your laundry room. But is it the right kind of washer for you? You might be wondering…

John Carey

The Best Ventless Dryers, Reviewed (2022)

A ventless dryer makes laundry possible for people who don't have the space or vent access to install a traditional clothes dryer. They're ideal for urban…

Metin Ozkuzey