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A Bertazzoni range is a beautiful, functional choice for your kitchen. The Italian family-owned company has been turning out luxury kitchen stoves for more than 100 years. It's best known for stylish accents and color options, but Bertazzoni also makes high-quality ranges at prices that work for a broad range of home cooks.

On that note, it's not just chefs in fancy kitchens who trust Bertazzoni. Real people are loving these ranges, and with smart, best-in-class design, it’s no surprise.

Thinking about replacing your current stove or planning a remodel? You’re going to want to read this guide.

We'll walk you through the basics, starting with Bertazzoni's three series: Master, Heritage, and Professional. All offer the same cooking elements but a slightly different design, so it’s really a matter of personal preference and budget.

We'll also tell you about the pros and cons. Customer feedback has praised the ease of use of the gliding racks and built-in temperature gauge. Gas ranges with brass burners seem to be especially well-loved by users, too.

Read on, and you'll see why Bertazzoni is quickly emerging as the household name in beautifully designed, high-quality home ranges.

We cooked on Bertazzoni. Watch our exclusive video to see how it performs.

Bertazzoni Range: 5 Things You'll Love

First, let's take a look at the advantages of a Bertazzoni range. These are the best-in-class features that make them stand out.

1. A High-End Look Without a High-End Price Tag

Bertazzoni ranges look very upmarket. In addition to their glossy paint jobs and sturdy grates, that's partly due to their depth. At 25 1/8-inches deep, Bertazzoni ranges sit perfectly flush with your existing kitchen cabinetry, giving you the clean, custom-fitted look of a designer kitchen.


Still, many Bertazzoni models ring up lower than other luxury ranges. On average, a Bertazzoni costs 30 percent less than other professional-style ranges.

That might lead you to question if the company has cut corners or sacrificed quality, but Bertazzoni has found an effective way to offer both high-end style and manageable prices without sacrificing either.

Since 2001, the company's been using the Toyota Production System to keep its production line moving fast, costs low, and quality high.

Pro Tip: Bertazzoni ranges received a major update in late 2018. This was a long overdue overhaul that incorporated many of customer requests and comments. When you're researching product reviews and customer feedback, make sure to look for those dated from 2019 to present.

2. A Range of Beautiful Colors

The manufacturing process isn't the only thing Bertazzoni borrowed from the auto industry. Its ranges boast a unique paint job, applied using the same triple-coat process as high-end Italian sports cars.

The color options for Bertazzoni ranges, particularly the Professional series, span the spectrum, so you’re guaranteed to find a finish that matches your personal style.


3. Many Options for Many Budgets

You can control how much you want to spend when investing in a Bertazzoni range. In addition to the three series—Professional, Master, and Heritage—you can choose between basic and deluxe feature sets.

The three series share the same essential features and specifications. The only differences are subtle visual elements (such as the knobs).

Basic Bertazzoni ranges have aluminum burners and no temperature gauge or storage drawer. Deluxe versions have brass burners, which are known to last longer and perform more consistently over time. They also have a gliding rack shelf, built-in temperature gauge, and storage drawer.

4. The Industry-Leading Warranty

You get two years of parts and labor versus the standard one. Not too shabby, huh?

5. The Full Range of Matching Kitchen Appliances

Pardon the pun, but stoves aren't the only appliances Bertazzoni makes.

Rather than buying appliances piecemeal from different manufacturers, you can buy all or most of your kitchen essentials from the beloved Italian brand since Bertazzoni also makes refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and ventilation.

Pro Tip: All Bertazzoni ranges come with a free ventilation option. Bertazzoni also runs occasional promotions, such as offering a free dishwasher when you purchase other appliances. It may be in your best interest to bundle your big purchases together if you’re outfitting your kitchen and considering a Bertazzoni range and/or other appliances.

Bertazzoni Ranges Reviewed with Great Visuals: Pro Series vs. Master Series

Potential Dealbreakers

From the vivid colors to the classic Italian styling, there are lots of things to love about a Bertazzoni. That being said, they're not ideal for everyone. Here, a few potential downsides to keep in mind.

1. Few High-Tech Features

If you’re all about technological bells and whistles like Wi-Fi and other “smart home” add-ons, these ranges may not be for you. The basic models don’t even have a temperature gauge. Some reviewers also say the temperature in the oven is unreliable and can swing quite a bit.

2. Lower BTUs

A Bertazzoni range isn't as impressive in the BTU department as other pro ranges. BTU stands for British thermal unit, and it’s used to measure heat. When it comes to BTU gas range ratings, these ranges may not be the best of the bunch.

3. Some Lack Self-Clean

Some ranges don’t have the self-clean feature. If you like using it, buy a Bertazzoni range with that functionality, or consider other brands that offer it.

4. Fewer Widths

Bertazzoni ranges don't come in as many widths, especially on the upper end, as ranges from some other manufacturers do. If you're looking for a 60-inch option, you're out of luck. The largest range size it offers is 48 inches.

5. Customer Service Questions

We’ve seen quite a few complaints about customer service online, so keep that in mind. Be sure to ask your local dealer if there's reliable service in your area before you buy.

Our Top Bertazzoni Range Picks

1. Best Master Series 36-Inch Bertazzoni Range (Gas): MAST365GASXE

Bertazzoni MAST365GASXE
  • 36-inch gas range with five aluminum burners with base feature set
  • 2 x 19,000 BTU dual ring main burners with low simmer
  • 15,000 BTU infrared broiler
  • Extra-large 5.9 cu. ft. oven
  • Dual convection
  • Allows for flush install with cabinets, thanks to its 25 1/8-inch depth
  • Temperature gauge
  • Easy-to-clean one-piece tempered glass oven door
  • Wok ring and simmer plate included
  • Soft-close oven door

2. Best 30-Inch Bertazzoni Range (Gas): MAST305GASXE

Bertazzoni MAST305GASXE
  • 30-inch gas range with five aluminum burners and base feature set
  • 19,000 BTU dual ring main burner with low simmer
  • Shares the other features of the 36-inch range above MAST365GASXE

3. Best 36-Inch Bertazzoni Induction Range: PROF365INSXT

Bertazzoni PROF365INSXT
  • Comes in six different color options
  • Largest induction range in the industry
  • Cooktop with four extra-large induction zones; allows for bridging of right-side zones
  • 5.7 cu.ft electric oven with dual horizontal convection fans for even baking and roasting on seven shelf levels

4. Best 24-Inch Bertazzoni Range: PROF244GASXE

Bertazzoni PROF244GASXE
  • 24-inch gas range with four aluminum burners and base feature set
  • 19,000 BTU dual ring main burner
  • 2.4 cu. ft. oven
  • The 24-inch Bertazzoni comes with an amazing promotional offer geared toward people who live in an apartment. You can choose the free 24-inch range hood or the 30-inch over-the-range microwave for ventilation.

5. Best Overall Bertazzoni Range: PROF366GASXT

Bertazzoni PROF366GASXT
  • Six color options
  • XT Series 36-inch gas range with six brass burners and deluxe feature set
  • 2 x 19,000 BTU dual ring main burners with low simmer
  • 15,000 BTU infrared broiler
  • Extra-large 5.9 cu. ft. oven
  • Dual convection
  • Allows for flush install with cabinets thanks to its 25 1/8-inch depth
  • Temperature gauge
  • Easy-to-clean one-piece tempered glass oven door
  • Wok ring and simmer plate included
  • Soft-close oven door

Bertazzoni Range Sizes and Options

With so many feature sets to choose from, picking the right range can be a little daunting. Let's look at the nuts and bolts to give you more of the information you need to make a smart decision.

Range Sizes

Bertazzoni makes standard width ranges: 24, 30, 36, and 48 inches. As we mentioned above, there's no 60-inch range option. But if you have a small kitchen and need a smaller than standard range, you're in luck: Not all brands offer a 24-inch range. Bertazzoni is an especially nice option.

Range Series: Professional, Master, Heritage

Let's go deeper into the details that set them apart.

The Pro series features sleek control knobs and ergonomically designed handles. Of all three series, it's available in the most colors. You can pick from six high-gloss options: red, yellow, orange, white, black, and stainless steel.

Master series ranges blend "the best of commercial kitchen inspired style and advanced technology with fine Italian design," according to Bertazzoni. What does that mean, really? The knobs are bigger and look more commercial; the oven has a chunkier handle too. This series comes in three colorways: stainless steel, matte black, or matte white.

The Heritage series is the priciest and newest collection of Bertazzoni ranges, available in an early-20th-century-inspired ivory enamel; textured matte black on metal; and brushed and polished stainless steel. The company says that their design nods its hat to its early 1900s wood-burning stoves. These pieces have a modern yet classic look (think bright chrome handles, sophisticated finishes, and rounded chrome knobs); they also come with an exclusive “Bertazzoni Serie Limitata” serial number plate that makes each range unique. Appliances in the Heritage Series can be personalized with the Collezione Metalli decor sets in gold, copper, and nickel (more on that in a minute).

According to Bertazzoni, the Heritage series ranges also have some improved features:

  • Best-in-category cooking performance, including the fastest time-to-boil—under six minutes for a half-gallon of water—thanks to Bertazzoni's new Monobloc 19,000 BTU brass burner layout
  • 36- and 48-inch ranges available in all-gas or dual-fuel with self-clean options
  • Largest oven size in its class
  • Edge-to-edge inner glass door for easy cleaning
  • Excellent cooking results with the new food probe function in all dual-fuel models
  • Timeless gauge design and intuitive digital user interface
  • Smooth-motion telescopic glides for oven shelves
  • Soft-close door hinge system for all range models

Collezioni Metalli Range and Hood Set

Alright, aspiring HGTV series hosts, this news is for you. The Collezioni Metalli Heritage Series Décor Set lets you customize a Heritage series range with custom gold, copper, or black nickel trim on the control knobs and door handle finials. It’s elegant and a bit grand, just like the Italian design legacy to which it tips its hat.

Bertazzoni Basic vs Deluxe

Each Bertazzoni range style comes in either a basic (XE) or deluxe (XT) edition. Deluxe is more expensive and has nicer upgrades to the basic models.

Basic (XE) Bertazzoni ranges feature aluminum burners (rather than the nicer brass), forgoing bonus features like a temperature gauge or storage drawer, which are important to some home cooks but considered nonessential by others.

The deluxe (XT) versions feature brass burners, which are known to last longer and perform more consistently over time. They also include a gliding rack, built-in temperature gauge, and storage drawer.

Fuel Types: Gas, Electric (Ceran), Induction, Dual Fuel

Bertazzoni offers all-gas and an electric option called Ceran that features touch controls. Dual fuel and induction models are also available.

Which option is best for you depends on your personal preferences. Gas is great because you get instant heat and precise temperature control. However, you need a gas line, it heats up the air, and lower-end gas stoves don’t have low simmer or high enough output to sear meat or quickly boil water. Gas can also be a pollutant and is getting phased out in parts of the country. Most U.S. homes already don’t have gas, but it’s prevalent in the Northeast.

Then, there are electric options. Electric is easy to clean but slow to respond and not precise for cooking. Some people simply don’t like the feel of cooking on an electric stove top and prefer using traditional burners.

Ceran is available on the Professional and Master Series only.

Induction is, perhaps, the best of both worlds. It is as precise as gas and as easy to clean as electric. There’s no heat loss, and it’s super efficient, fast, safe, and eco-friendly. Worth noting: There's a learning curve to cooking with induction.

Buying a Range: How Bertazzoni Stacks Up

Selecting a range is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing your kitchen. These are our criteria for choosing one that's solid.

Gas Range Criteria

1. Number of burners: Most 30-inch ranges have four or five; four is typical, and six is an outlier. Bertazzoni makes four, five, and six burner options. FYI: Some gas cooktops have dual ring burners to give you higher highs and lower lows. This option's available from Bertazzoni as well.

2. Burner material: Ideally, you want brass nozzles. They're considered the best and most durable, and they look nice, too. Aluminum or steel is adequate. Bertazzoni deluxe ranges have high-performing brass burners.

3. Burner sizes: Just like you have different size pots and pans, it’s ideal to have different diameter and BTU burners for different cooking jobs. Check the Bertazzoni range you’re interested in for specific measurements, but these ranges have MonoBloc burners of variable size and power.

4. Cooktop options: With 36-inch and bigger models, you can get a built-in griddle or grill from many brands. It can be made of cast iron or Teflon. Some people may not want Teflon, but it’s worth noting that Teflon has been PFOA-free since 2013, so those health concerns may be outdated. Bertazzoni currently has eight cast-iron griddle range options, including a 48-inch range with a griddle in both dual fuel and all-gas.

5. Grate quality: This is more critical than burner power. You want the grates to transfer heat efficiently to cookware; heavy cast iron is ideal. Continuous grates make cooking and moving pots and pans around easier. For ease of cooking, you don’t want gaps. Bertazzoni ranges feature cast contour grates.

6. Reliable ignition: Ignition is important. You want cooking to start swiftly once you turn the burners on or are ready to put something in the oven. With Bertazzoni, some customers complain that the oven door must be ajar to ignite the oven and that some of the range igniters fail.

For Bertazzoni gas ranges, there’s the thermocouple safety device installed on every gas burner on the maintop and oven, which allows flow of gas only when flame is present.

7. BTUs: A quick refresher: BTU stands for British thermal unit, and it’s a measure of heat output. Anywhere over 15,000 or 16,000 BTUs is good. It’s worth highlighting that power alone doesn’t tell you if the burners are good. Bertazzoni stoves have 19,000 BTU power burners that boil water in under six minutes.

Induction Range Criteria

Bertazzoni currently has six induction models, in both the Professional Series and Master Series.

1. Installation options: Induction ranges can be flush or proud with your countertop. They also may have a stainless steel/metal frame to protect edges. We like this because it prevents any cracking at the edge you might get from heavy pots and pans. Bertazzoni induction ranges have metal trim.

2. Automatic features: High-end induction ranges sense how big your pot is and only heat the contact area for maximum efficiency. On Bertazzoni’s induction models, precision touch controls and digital timed cooking functions enable you to manage the entire cooking process automatically. Induction cooking models from the brand also have sensor controlled cookware detection, so all the energy is used to heat the exact space instantly as soon as you turn them on.

3. Zones versus zoneless: The best induction ranges are “zoneless.” This means they let you set a pot anywhere and detect the size to cook. Bertazzoni models have four or five zones for cooking.

4. Bridging High-end induction ranges also allow you to “bridge” or connect two induction burners, so you can evenly heat bigger pots or pans. Power bridge zones on Bertazzoni ranges are designed to adjust to fit the exact size of the cookware that you use.

Oven Criteria

1. Double ovens: If your range has two ovens, make sure they have the same feature set. Sometimes manufacturers skimp on the smaller oven. In Bertazzoni ranges with two ovens, both include helpful features like soft-close doors and gliding racks. We like using the auxiliary oven to keep food warm right before serving.

2. Convection: This heating method is faster than a conventional oven and uses different heat and air circulation. Check if the oven just has a fan (convection) or a fan with a heater (true European convection, which is better). Bertazzoni ovens have dual convection fans for even heat distribution on seven shelf levels.

3. Self-clean: Does it have it, or just steam clean? You really want a self-clean setting to keep your oven clean with less work and fewer chemicals. Bertazzoni currently has two self-clean oven models, one in the Heritage Series, and one in the Professional Series.

4. Preheat: How long does it take? Can you do it via Wi-Fi? Bertazzoni ranges do not have Wi-Fi.

5. Controls: Are they digital or analog? Do they look modern or dated? Are they efficient? The latest Bertazzoni ovens have a digital gauge and display.

6. Racks: Consider standard versus luxurious full-extension ball-bearing, gliding racks. Bertazzoni ranges have smooth telescopic glides for the oven racks.

7. Temperature probes: Built-in ones are great. They an be wireless or wired; people have different preferences here (wireless is convenient but can have connectivity issues). The Heritage and Professional Series have an elegant digital temperature gauge, which monitors the actual temperature in the oven and has integrated controls in the bezel for the food temperature probe. The Master series has a stylish large temperature gauge that monitors the actual temperature in the oven.

8. Steam feature: Some ovens have a feature that releases a burst of steam, which can be helpful for baking. Only a few brands offer this, but it’s nice. This is not currently available with Bertazzoni ranges.

9. Air fry feature: Frigidaire introduced this technology, and now several full-size ovens offer an air-fry setting. This is not currently available with Bertazzoni ranges but you can try "roast frying."

10. Specialty features: Some high-end ranges let you add an induction element to your gas cooktop (such as Thermador). Bertazzoni has several induction range options available, but you can't customize a gas range with an induction element.

Range Design:

Freestanding vs. slide-in: A freestanding range isn't as aesthetically pleasing, partly due to the bulky back guard. Slide-in ranges can have an overhang or not, and but they don't have a back guard. Bertazzoni makes several freestanding models.

Legs or no legs: Some ovens sit on legs so you can easily clean underneath. Bertazzoni ranges have legs, and we personally swoon for this design-forward feature.

Storage drawer versus warming drawer versus no drawer: Some ovens don’t have any drawer underneath so they can have a larger oven. A warming drawer isn’t a necessity, but some ranges come with it, and you might as well take it. Bertazzoni does not have warming drawers.

Before You Buy

We recommend taking these steps before you buy a new range for your kitchen:

  • Measure your space carefully, especially the depth.
  • Make sure you know the design look you're going for. Most modern homes want their ranges (at least the oven portion) to be flush with their cabinets, so they don't stick out at all.
  • Think of your baking sheets. If you want to be able to fit restaurant-like full size baking sheets, look for deep ranges.
  • Consider color. Bold hues are fun, but if it feels too trendy for you or you think you might sell your home in a few years, it might be better to go for a classic finish like stainless steel, white, or black.


Design, features, size, and fuel types are four important considerations to think about before selecting the ideal Bertazzoni range for your needs. When it comes to getting great value, Bertazzoni ranges are our top pick for a stylish look without breaking the bank. Out of the Master, Professional, and Heritage Series, the Heritage Series is the newest and nicest of Bertazzoni ranges. Heritage Series ranges are also the most expensive with ranges from $7,999.


Where is Bertazzoni made?
Bertazzoni ranges are made in Italy. Founded in Guastalla in 1882, the family-owned company makes handsomely designed and smartly engineered kitchen appliances. Currently led by the fifth and sixth generations of the Bertazzoni family, the company is represented in over 60 countries and has doubled its size over the past 10 years.

Do Bertazzoni ventilation units come in matching custom colors?
Unfortunately, Bertazzoni doesn’t offer color options with ventilation units. If you’d like a specific color, you’d have to select the RAL code and custom order a Vent-A-Hood ventilation unit or another custom hood brand.

Are reviews for Bertazzoni ranges from pre-2019 still relevant?
No. In late 2018 Bertazzoni released new ranges—close to 100 of them! These products had significant changes and improvements compared with earlier stoves. We recommend that you check out reviews from 2019 onward when evaluating the brand.

Is Verona the same as Bertazzoni?
No. Verona is a different company with limited distribution and service in the US.

Is SMEG related to Bertazzoni?
Smeg and Bertazzoni are both family-owned Italian companies. The families are related, but many moons ago they started running separate businesses.

Is Bertazzoni the same as La Germania?
Yes, in other parts of the world Bertazzoni is marketed as Bertazzoni La Germania.

What are the current promotions available on Bertazzoni products?
You can check out current promotions in the U.S. from Bertazzoni here.

Has Bertazzoni’s products won any awards?
Bertazzoni won three Good Design Awards in 2021, two iF design awards in 2021, and was a finalist in Architizer A+ Awards 2021 in the appliances category. They also won the Good Design award in 2020, and they won the Archiproducts Design Award 2019. Additionally, Bertazzoni received the Good Design Awards in 2018, Red Dot Awards in 2018, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths 30 Most Innovative Products Award in 2017, 100 Italian Excellence Award in 2016, the Golden A’Design Award in 2016, Interior Design’s Best of Year Award in 2016, and was honored the ELITE Quality Certification in 2015, which supports companies that represent high success potential.