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A La Cornue range is more than just a stove. It's an heirloom, a showpiece, and a one-way ticket to Provence. Light the burners on one of these heritage cookers, and you can practically smell the fresh baguettes and melting butter.

Iconic La Cornue French ranges have been handmade out of steel, copper, and brass and finished in trademark colorful enamel since 1908. People aspire to own one not just because of how they look but also because of how they cook. After all, Julia Child, Alice Waters, and countless other chefs have hand-picked them for their own kitchens.

All La Cornue stoves are handcrafted, but they're not all the same. In this article, we're going to clarify the differences between the original CornuFe series and the newer Château series.

We'll also explain in detail how each can be customized. After all, that's what makes these ranges true heirlooms—they're yours, from the color to the trim to the cooktop configuration and the engraved plaque on the Chateau ranges.

Watch our exclusive video review of La Cornue French stoves.

The La Cornue Tradition

La Cornue is a French appliance brand founded by Albert Dupuy in 1908. That year, he built the world’s first convection oven with the goal of producing better cooking results with precise heat distribution while being compatible with natural gas lines of the time.

Today, La Cornue is owned by Middleby Corporation, the same parent company of Viking ranges. Still handcrafted in France, La Cornue hasn’t lost its dedication to quality and its distinctly French heritage.

La Cornue continues to offer some 8,000 different configurations, sizes, and unique color schemes.

Overview of La Cornue Ranges

As we alluded to earlier, there are two series of La Cornue ranges to consider: CornuFé and Château.

The CornuFe series is produced in Birmingham, England, and designed to appeal to a more modest budget; these typically are kept in stock and ready for delivery. They start at around $10,000.

The Château series is made exclusively to order in the Saint-Ouen l'Aumône workshop just outside Paris. They start right around $30,000.

Series Main Configurations
Château Handmade in France. Custom-made per your specifications
  • Le Château 75: 29.5 inches (75 cm), single oven (gas or electric), 5 stovetop options, including all gas or induction configurations, from $27,000
  • Le Château 90: 35.4 inches (90 cm), single grand oven (gas or electric), 5 stovetop options including all gas or induction configurations, from $34,100
  • Le Château 120: 47.2 inches (120 cm), 2 ovens (gas, electric, or one gas and one electric), 7 stovetop options, from $44,500
  • Le Château 150: Most Popular 59.1 inches (150 cm), 2 ovens (gas, electric, or one gas and one electric), 8 stovetop options, from $51,300
  • Le Château 165: 65 inches (165 cm), 2 ovens (one grand gas, one electric), 5 stovetop options, from $55,400
  • Grand Palais 180: 70.9 inches (180 cm), 2 ovens (one grand gas, one grand electric), 7 stovetop options, from $59,100
CornuFé Handmade in England. Ready to ship. Select from 8 standard colors and 4 Suzanne Kasler Colors, all available with 3 trim accent options: Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, and Polished Chrome.
  • CornuFé 90 Albertine: 35.4 inches (90 cm), single electric Oven, 5 brass burners, storage drawer, from $8,475
  • CornuFé 110: 43.3 inches (110 cm) 2 electric ovens, 5 brass burners, storage drawer, from $10,450

Château Series

The Château series is La Cornue’s premium range line, with seven different width options from 30 inches and up to nearly six feet. Widths include 30, 36, 48, 54, 60, 65, and 70. Please note that La Cornue range measurements are given in centimeters. With all of these size options, it’s important to measure your space before buying a La Cornue range.

Each range in the Château line includes a highly customizable cooktop, with options that change depending on the range's width:


● For the 30-inch LE CHÂTEAU 75, there are five different rangetop configurations featuring two elements:
● For the 36-inch LE CHÂTEAU 90, there are five different rangetop configurations featuring three elements:
● For the 48-inch LE CHÂTEAU 120, there are seven different rangetop configurations featuring three or four elements. The four-element configurations cost more.
● For the 60-inch LE CHÂTEAU 150, there are eight different rangetop configurations featuring four elements:
● For the 65-inch LE CHÂTEAU 165, there are five different rangetop configurations featuring four elements:
● For 70-inch GRAND PALAIS 180, there are seven different rangetop configurations featuring four or five elements:

Château Cooktop Options

You can opt for two gas burners, one with 17,500 BTU and the other with 7,500 BTU. Each burner is made of brass with an enamel-coated cast iron grate. (Note: Propane options feature 12,500 and 6,000 BTU burners.)

Wondering if a higher output burner would be better? You can get a higher BTU burner, but that’s not what La Cornue is about. It’s about cooking with ease and style. Most people cook at around 8,000 BTUs — 17,000 is more than enough, and honestly you’ll be less likely to burn your food.

The lava-rock grill features 14,500 BTUs using natural gas or propane and is made from real natural lava rocks topped with an enamel-coated open-style grill.

Want some extra power? The power burner option features 22,000 BTU of power for oversized pans and cooking with high heat.

The unique teppanyaki cooktop element features a smooth cooking surface that uses electricity as power and generates heat between 140 and 482 degrees F. Because of that temperature range, it's more similar to a griddle than most teppanyakis. It’s perfect for steak, seafood, eggs, rice, and more.


The French top aka French plaque element is a specially designed cooking surface that uses 7,500 BTUs of gas power for heating. It’s basically a smooth circle, made of cast iron and coated in nickel, that’s hottest in the middle and gradually gets cooler toward the outside edges. It allows you to heat multiple pots or pans at once. You can easily slide a boiling pot from the center to the outside to simmer and keep finished foods warm before serving them straight from the stovetop. It’s great for “conducting” dinner the French way, with finesse and ease.

The ceramic glass induction element features two identical induction elements of 3,700 watts of power each. The induction cooktop is a magnetic cooktop that heats only the pan’s surface where it touches the heater. It’s an effective solution that doesn’t waste energy thanks to electromagnetic power design, and it also responds quickly to temperature changes. Looking for more detail on how induction works? Check out our helpful induction vs electric cooktop explainer.

Château Oven Options

When it comes to oven specs, 30- and 36-inch Château models offer gas or electric oven options, and double oven models (available in sizes 48 inches or wider) offer one electric and one gas oven or two electric ovens.

The 48-inch Le Château 120 offers a companion model, the Chatelet 120, which doesn’t offer a double oven configuration. Instead, it features one electric or gas oven and one warming oven. It still brings all of the same cooktop options and is available at a slightly, more economical price point.

You can also consider the Châtelet 135, a 54-inch compact version of the Le Château 150 line. The 135 features seven different cooktop configurations, one gas oven, one electric oven, and one electric warming drawer. It starts at $47,900.

La Cornue gas ovens offer natural convection thanks to their specially designed oven geometry, and offer better roasting for meat and fish. The electric ovens, on the other hand, feature an additional fan for convection and boast a special design that’s perfect for baking. Both gas and electric ovens feature electric broilers.

Le Cornue ovens feature a cast aluminum seal on the door that locks in heat and humidity to deliver perfect, juicy cooking results.

Château Color Options

Chateau ranges also come in a wide range of color options, with nearly 50 distinct color schemes available as well as unique trim, knob, and lining finish options.

Other Ways to Customize Château Ranges

  • The back guard can be flush seamed or seamless, so you can extend the countertops.
  • You can match the color of the toe kick to the range.
  • You can get lacquered brass or copper trim, which won’t patina like unlacquered. They’re available only on the Le Chateau line.
  • You can add a leather cover to the handrail.
  • You can add a customizable ID plate.

Château Supreme

This is a luxury package available only on Château 150 and 180 ranges. It’s a collaboration with interior designer Ferris Rafauli. Overall, it gives the classic ranges some Art Deco flair, with star-shaped knobs, stepped metal backplates, a molded toe kick, and reeded metal accents on the hardware. On the 180, the central control knob can be swapped out for an oversize version that's studded with 28-carat diamonds. An optional matching set of warming drawers and matching range hood (with a custom painted or leather infused finish) are also available.

CornuFé Series

CornuFé ranges, unlike Château ranges, aren't built to order. They're considered more standard and have been on the market for nearly 15 years. The CornueFé line comes in 36- and 43-inch options. Please note that 43 inches isn't a standard oven size—just something to keep in mind when shopping and designing your kitchen.

The CornuFé 110 boasts two electric convection ovens and five gas burners, including a 17,500 BTU burner, as well as a large storage drawer.

The Cornufé 90 Albertine line offers an electric convection oven and five gas burners plus a storage drawer. It's available at a much lower price. You’ll love the dual fuel range options, which provide an electric oven and gas cooktop. Check out our dedicated article on gas vs dual fuel ranges for more details.

CornuFé Color Options

CornuFé Albertine 90 and 100 ranges are available in eight classic colors and four custom colors designed by the American interior designer Suzanne Kasler, which were inspired by her visits to Paris. (The Suzanne Kasler colors are also available on the Château series.) All can be combined with three trim package options: stainless steel with polished brass, satin chrome, or polished chrome.


In spite of all the options, gloss black, matte black, pure white, and stainless steel with polished brass trim are the most popular CornuFe colors, according to the company. We have Joanna Gaines to thank for stainless steel, since that’s the CornuFé she has in her studio kitchen.

CornuFé Gas Rangetop Accessories

As we mentioned above, CornuFé ranges come with enamel-coated burner tops. For $600, you can order solid unlacquered brass burner tops. Some people like to swap these in for the standard enamel tops when they’re not cooking, for looks. There’s also a wok ring, grill/griddle, and French plaque that sit on top of your burners.

Pro Tip: Order accessories with your range, and they’ll ship for free.

How to Clean a La Cornue Range

La Cornue range ovens don’t have a self-clean setting. That's by design. As the company says on its website: "These ovens are built to last forever, and the intense concentrated heat used in a self-clean mode will break down the oven seal over time and compromise the efficiency of the oven."

Instead, it recommends this method: Set a pan of distilled water, vinegar, and Dawn soap inside the oven, and let it steam at 225 degrees F for about 30 minutes. The steam will loosen cooked-on grime so you can wipe it away.

You may have to do a bit more work than you would with a self-clean oven, but if you clean it regularly, it won't be such a tough job.

The Flamberge Rotisserie and Range Hoods

How does La Cornue stack up when it comes to matching accessories? Let’s take a look.

The Flamberge rotisserie is a gas-powered feature that mounts to the wall and is specifically designed for home cooks. The motorized system rotates food slowly while cooking for a perfectly cooked dish. It has two metal spits, a fish basket, and a porcelain enamel drip tray. It's powered by 27,000 BTU of power with natural gas fuel, 25,000 BTU with propane.

The Hotte Château Hood is a stylish cover that comes without a blower standard, though it can be upgraded to feature a motorized blower. As with La Cornue ranges, custom hoods are also available upon request.

Finally, the Cornufé 90 Albertine and Cornufé 110 can be paired with hood systems that come with a built-in blower system, work with 120V power, and are available in 12 matching color options.


In a vast sea of stainless steel stoves, a La Cornue range is a distinguished, one-of-a-kind piece. The designer colors and sophisticated trim options are second to none, and the cooking results are indeed extraordinary. The natural convection system deliver restaurant-quality results. We appreciate that La Cornue keeps things simple and focused on the art of cooking—its ranges don't bother with electronics, fancy terminology, or esoteric names for their features.

La Cornue ovens are an ode to traditional oven design and house a special airflow structure to protect your food when opening and closing the enameled doors. LaCornue insists you won’t miss the viewing window, and we agree.

Thanks to the many customization options available, you can build a family heirloom that's designed specifically to meet your needs and personal style.

To see one of these beautiful ranges in person, stop by our New Jersey showroom, where a member of our staff will help you customize your La Cornue range to a T.



Is a La Cornue range worth it?
La Cornue has a loyal following. This is a personal purchase, but we've never had anyone tell us they regret purchasing their La Cornue.

What kind of warranty does La Cornue offer?
La Cornue provides a five-year full parts and labor warranty. The company also has its own U.S.-based service line.

Where do I start? With 8000 options, I'm overwhelmed!
Size, series, color, trim. Then comes the fun part: designing your cooktop by thinking about the types of meals you and your family like to create.

The ovens don’t have a viewing window. How do you see what’s going on in there?
When we asked a few of our clients how they felt about not having a viewing window that lets them see inside while their food bakes or braises, their response surprised us: They said that they prefer the enamel doors. Why? The smaller ovens are quick to heat (some compared preheat times to a speed oven), the temperature is consistent and reliable, and there's no glass to clean.

What's the most popular La Cornue cooktop element?
Clients who opted for the French top say they love the extra versatility it gives them. They can simmer pans simultaneous while using the outer burners to cook on and the ovens to bake and braise.

Why are there no electronics?
La Cornue keeps it simple and subscribes to the "less is more" for longevity ethos.

What are the timeframes I need to consider for the Chateau and the Cornufe?
In the U.S., Cornufe ranges have historically been ready to ship. In the past, we recommended allowing for three to seven days when setting up a delivery appointment with us. However, lead times vary at the moment.

Because Chateau ranges are handmade in France to order, they historically have taken up to 10 weeks from the time the order is placed to ship, although this has also been impacted by current shipping delays.

Pro Tip: August is a holiday in France, and the monthlong closure could impact your delivery date.