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What is a range?

Answered by John Carey

Co-Founder of Designer Appliances

We all get confused when we hear the word “range.” Chances are, you have heard it called a variety of things like an “oven” or a “stove.” But what is the difference between these terms, and why can’t everyone agree to call it by the same name?

Let’s clear up some confusion. An oven is an enclosed space where you cook food. Simply, it is a box that is used to heat/cook food. An oven can be anything from a countertop toaster oven to an industrial oven used to cook 100 pizzas an hour.

But what isn’t an oven? Anything that is outside that enclosed cooking space. So, the gas, induction, or electric burners. There is a different term for those!

A stove is an enclosed space that uses a fuel source to provide heat. Sounds similar to an oven, right? There are many stoves that provide heat but don’t cook any food, such as a wood-burning stove. So, you can look at it like this: all oven are stoves, but not all stoves are ovens.

The gas, induction, or electric burners exist on what is called a stovetop or cooktop. This can exist on its own outside of an oven.

When you put a cooktop on top of an oven, then you have a range. Essentially a range is your all-in-one cooking appliance because it includes both the stovetop and the oven in one appliance.

What is better, a cooktop or a range?

Answered by Metin Ozkuzey

President of Designer Appliances

So, you have narrowed down your choices and are looking at both cooktops and ranges. But which one is better for you? The answer depends on what you are going to use the appliance for.

Do you typically sauté, grill, or sear your food rather than bake it? Ranges, especially pro ranges, have more powerful burners than a cooktop, but their ovens tend to be less functional. If you only need the oven for simple baking needs, a range is better suited for you.

Cooktops are less powerful but do not come with an oven. If you do bake a lot and you already have a cooktop in your kitchen, you can easily add a nice oven that includes all of the bells and whistles that you want.

What is a range versus a stove?

Answered by John Carey

Co-Founder of Designer Appliances

We often hear the terms “range” and “stove” thrown around, but do they really mean the same thing? They do not actually and let’s hammer out the differences between them here.

A stove is an enclosed space that uses a fuel source to provide heat. The key here is that the stove does not have to cook food; it only needs to provide the heat (like a wood-burning stove, for example).

Some stoves contain heating elements called cooktops, though these can exist on their own. Cooktops can be powered by gas, electric, or induction means.

A range is actually a combination of a cooktop and an oven, with the cooktop situated above the oven. So, essentially you are getting the best of both worlds with the range.

What are the standard sizes for kitchen stoves?

Answered by Metin Ozkuzey

President of Designer Appliances

Are you in the market for a kitchen stove? There are multiple sizes to choose from, but what size is best for you?

Stoves come in a variety of sizes. The smallest of the sizes is the 24-inch, and those models typically come with four burners. Due to their small size, these 24-inch stoves are perfect for apartments or smaller kitchens.

The most popular sizes are the 30-inch and 36-inch, and these can come with a variety of burner configurations and can handle more than the typical four burners. Some 36-inch stoves even offer you the versatility to add a griddle or a grill on top of a section of burners.

Do you want to live a chef’s dream? Try a 48-inch or 60-inch stove that offers you plenty of space for cooking delicious meals. These sizes often come with two ovens also, which allows you to cook two dishes at two separate temperatures simultaneously.

Are you looking for an even larger stove? La Cornue actually offers a 65-inch and 71-inch option. La Cornue is a French appliance brand that has a dedication to quality and features distinct French styles. The 65-inch and 71-inch options come with two large ovens and a variety of stovetop options.

What is the advantage of a dual fuel range?

Answered by John Carey

Co-Founder of Designer Appliances

Do I want a gas or dual fuel range? Is there an advantage to one over the other?

A dual-range gives you the best of both worlds – a gas cooktop with an electric oven, and the electric oven is what makes all the difference here.

Have you ever followed that cookie recipe exactly, only to have to bake them longer than the box tells you to? This is a common problem with gas ovens. When you set the temperature in a gas oven, the flame has to continuously turn on and off in order to maintain that temperature. This is not only super inefficient energy wise, but it leads to less consistent cooking temperature. So, even if you are setting the temperature to 350 degrees, it really isn’t at exactly 350.

With a dual fuel range, you don’t get this inconsistent temperature. Instead, when you set the temperature to 350 degrees, you can be confident that the temperature is at 350 and will remain at 350 for the duration of your baking. No more undercooked or overcooked cookies with the dual fuel range!

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