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We are surprised to see that almost all dishwasher manufacturers use internal jargon to describe their products. This leaves many families who are doing their appliances research confused. "Integrated dishwasher" is a term that pops up in marketing documents and websites. To make things worse, sales associates in appliance stores use the term thinking that their customers are pros. Therefore, we unpacked the term "integrated dishwasher" and provided you a quick guide on what it means and how these dishwashers influence the design of your kitchen.

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Integrated Dishwasher Types

Integrated dishwasher in the world of appliances means that you can mount a custom cabinet panel on your dishwasher. This way you will match surrounding cabinets and create a seamless finish. An integrated dishwasher is always flush mounted and will not stick out of cabinets.

The term integrated dishwasher was imported from Europe. In the US most manufacturers use the term panel ready dishwashers instead of integrated.

1) Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Here is the example of a "fully integrated" dishwasher.


You will notice that dishwasher controls are at the top and hidden from the view. You also have the flexibility to choose a handle on the door to match other knobs and hardware in your kitchen.

Besides being the quietest brand in the US, Bosch dishwashers tend to dominate fully integrated category.

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Here is an other innovative version of a fully integrated dishwasher. One that Miele makes without a handle for modern kitchens. Just gently knock on this Miele dishwasher dubbed as "knock-to-open" G7596SCVi to open its door.


2) Semi-Integrated

Appliance makers are not known for simplifying things for customers. Therefore, they have introduced the paradigm for "semi-integrated" dishwashers. These dishwashers are able to accept a custom panel yet controls are visible. The G7000 Series G7966SCVi is a flagship product from Miele with amazing features and semi-integrated look.


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