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The LG WashTower solves an enduring laundry problem: It provides the space savings of a full-size stacked washer and dryer at a smaller height and with center controls for the washer and dryer. That means those of us who aren't pro basketball players no longer need to get a step stool to start the dryer.

The other significant pro of the sleek LG WashTower is its innovative design and perfectly right height. It's all you could ever need from a washer and dryer in half the space. The LG WashTower looks much sleeker than a traditional stackable washer and dryer pair or a laundry center, and it fits in much smaller spaces. The scratch-resistant glass doors, remote start feature, and steam fresh feature are just a few things that make the LG WashTower special. The latest version even has a ventless heat pump dryer, so you can install it anywhere you have an electrical outlet and water line.

Our exclusive video review of the LG WashTower

The LG WashTower with the new ventless design saves even more space, since it requires less clearance from the wall. The latest version of the LG WashTower with the ventless heat pump dryer also makes certain that you won't have to regularly clean out the vents. The ventless heat pump dryer is significantly easier to install, and the hot air that is produced within the dryer is recycled, which means that less heat will be distributed within your home. The LG WashTower ventless heat pump dryer uses a smaller chamber and a lower heat setting than vented dryers, which means that it is gentler on your clothing and ensures that less stretching and shrinking occur.

It's a major improvement over past options. The 1970s-style laundry centers are compact and do give you an all-in-one solution, but the wash quality has always been subpar, and they're not nice to look at. A stackable modern front-load washer and dryer set looks much sleeker and has richer features, but it can still be bulky, plus you have to invest in a stacking kit and pay extra for the installation.

LG addresses all of those pain points with its WashTower. This LG washer not only cleans well and incorporates a modern steam dryer, but its exclusive center panel puts the controls in the middle, no stacking kit or complicated installation required. As we mentioned, you also have the option to choose a vented or ventless dryer for even more flexibility.

In this article, we'll give you a rundown of all the best features of LG WashTower (and the downsides) to help you decide if it'd be a good addition to your home.

Is the LG WashTower Right for You?

LG WashTower Laundry Room Idea
You can create a functional laundry room with LG WashTower

Before we dive into talking about all of its different features, let's consider whether or not the WashTower's the right product for you. It's a great option if:

  • You want to save floor space: Since the LG WashTower is one unit with both a washer and dryer, you get the perks of both machines in half the footprint.
  • You want a beautiful, streamlined, minimalist look: You can even build the LG WashTower into cabinetry or a closet if you want to hide it in plain sight (and in an ultra convenient location).
  • You're looking for a modern alternative to a small, outdated laundry center.
  • You're not LeBron James and don't want to grab a step stool every time you need to reach the dryer controls in a stacked unit—or settle for blindly guessing what settings you're choosing.

Until recently, if you wanted an all-in-one laundry experience, you had only three choices: a stacked washer and dryer, laundry center, or an all-in-one washer dryer combo. Unfortunately, they've all got some drawbacks:

  • A stacked washer/dryer unit is tall, making the dryer controls at the very top hard to reach for many people.
  • Laundry centers are outdated and have a small capacity and poor wash quality that may not clean and could potentially damage clothing.
  • All-in-one washer dryer combo machines can take over three hours to run a single wash and dry cycle without an extra rinse—and they have a bad rap for not fully drying clothes.

When creating the WashTower, LG kept washer dryer combo cons in mind to develop an entirely new way to do laundry.

Skip the LG WashTower If...

Your laundry closet is super narrow
The LG Wash Tower is 27 inches wide by 74 3/8 inches tall by 30 3/8 inches deep. You also need to leave a few inches of room in the back for hoses and/or vent connection; you can buy a couple of extra inches if you go with the newer ventless version.

Still, you might not have adequate space if you're replacing a smaller, older set, like a Bosch washer dryer, for example. If you have an apartment-sized closet, you may want to consider getting a compact washer and dryer instead.

LG WashTower vs Other Alternatives

It's important to understand how the LG WashTower stands out from other laundry configurations. Let's talk in more detail about some of the downsides to other types of washers and dryers.

LG WashTower vs Traditional Front Load Washer Dryers

There are many reasons you might want a stackable washer and dryer. First off, it might be your only option if you have a small laundry room. A stacked product takes up half the floor space of a traditional washer and dryer, making it perfect for a laundry closet or tiny laundry room.

Below, we've created a comparison of the dimensions of LG WashTower vs some popular traditional front load sets. Note the savings in height as well as the slightly shallower depth. You'll also see that all of the controls are visible and conveniently located at the middle of the Wash Tower, between the washer and dryer.

LG WashTower Center Control Panel
The shorter LG WashTower's control panel is located conveniently in the center.

Even if you have a large laundry room, stacking your washer and dryer helps to free up floor space that you can use for other amenities like a sink, additional counter space, or storage. It also gives your room a clutter-free appeal, since the stacked look is both sleek and functional.

You might even consider adding a second stacked washer and dryer pair; that's something we're seeing more and more these days.

However, stacked washer-dryers can be hard to manage, especially for shorter people or those who need a more accessible solution. It can be difficult to see and reach the top dryer controls and take everything out of the drum. Many manufacturers solution? Angle the display for some convenience and a more aesthetically pleasing look. But let's be real: What's the point of a nice design if you can't see the screen?

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LG WashTower vs Laundry Centers

Laundry centers have been getting the job done in American homes, and particularly American apartments, since the 1970s. Not much has changed since then when it comes to their capacity and wash quality.

Modern front load washer dryers, including the LG WashTower, are gentler on clothes and clean better than these outdated units do. It also have much more room in the washer and dryer drums, so you can do more laundry at once.

LG Washtower vs Laundry Center
LG Washtower vs Traditional Laundry Centers

LG WashTower vs All-in-One Washer Dryer Combos

A washer dryer combo is a versatile all-in-one machine that both cleans and dries your clothes. This means you don't have to worry about moving your clothes from a washing machine to a dryer.

Although this sounds like a dream come true, in reality washer dryer combos are practical only for individuals or couples.

That's because, depending on the type of fabric you're washing, you can expect a 2.5 to 3.5-hour wash-and-dry cycle. Therefore, a washer dryer combo just isn't efficient for families who need to do a lot of laundry.

We recommend a washer and dryer combo only if you have no other alternative.

Pros and Cons of LG WashTower


Pros of LG WashTower


Easy Installation
The LG WashTower takes many of the classic laundry units' issues and remedies them with innovative technology and sleek design. To start, because this is a single unit, it's much easier to install than a stacked unit. You also don't need to worry about purchasing a stacking kit or other accessories in order to make it functional. Even the smallest install mistake on a stacked unit can lead to a toppled dryer, which is a major safety hazard.

And now that a version with a ventless dryer is available, it's even easier to install. You just need an electrical outlet and water line, no additional contractor work required.

Easy-to-reach Center Controls
One of the worst parts about a stacked washer/dryer unit is trying to reach the top dryer controls. Unless you're tall, you probably have to reach for the step stool every time you want to turn on the dryer, which is a major inconvenience. The innovative enter control panel makes both the washer and dryer controls easily accessible at the perfect height.

Built-In Intelligence
Have you ever struggled to figure out which settings to use on your clothes? The LG WashTower takes out the guesswork with built-in sensors for advanced fabric care. They automatically detect the fabric texture and load size. The WashTower's Smart Pairing technology even allows the washer and dryer to tell you the compatible drying cycle for the clothes you just took out of the washer.

Excellent Allergen Management
The LG WashTower is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) for its abiity to remove common household allergens. The Allergiene cycle uses steam to remove pet dander and other particles from your clothes. That's a huge bonus for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Prevent Your Duct from Clogging
One of the most important dryer maintenance tips—for any dryer—is to keep the duct from clogging with lint, which can be a fire hazard. The WashTower comes with LG's FlowSense system. It detects when your duct is clogging or your lint filter needs cleaning. Of course, the ventless version lacks the clogged-duct aspect of this feature, since there's no duct to worry about.

Tub Cleaning
Just add liquid bleach to the dispenser and press the TubClean cycle. The WashTower will clean not only the tub, but also the door and the gaskets. Regular tub cleaning helps prevent unwanted smells, mold, and mildew.


ThinQ App Compatibility
The LG WashTower is compatible with the manufacturer's ThinQ app, which has many helpful functions and alerts. Connect it to your Wi-Fi, and you can sync your washer and dryer combo using the Bluetooth pairing feature with the LG ThinQ app. It allows you to start a new wash cycle while running errands or check how much time is left on each cycle from the comfort of your couch. Some features on this washer are even compatible with the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Cons of LG WashTower

  • It's only available in 27-inch width; there's no 24-inch option.
  • Some argue that if something goes wrong with one unit (either the washer or dryer), you need to replace both. However, the same is true for regular stacked units. Because manufacturers are constantly changing dimensions and models, newer units typically aren't compatible with older ones. Most of the time, you'll end up having to change both units regardless.

Overview of LG WashTower Models

Here's an overview of the model numbers we recommend shopping for:

Product Description
Entry W 27" x H 74 3/8" x D 30 3/8", 4.5 cu. ft. washer, 7.4 cu. ft. dryer, steam
LG WKE100HWA 27-inch washer with electric dryer in White
LG WKE100HVA 27-inch washer with electric dryer in Graphite Steel
LG WKGX101HWA 27-inch washer with gas dryer in White
LG WKGX101HVA 27-inch washer with gas dryer in Graphite Steel
Standard W 27" x H 74 3/8" x D 30 3/8", 4.5 cu. ft. washer, 7.4 cu. ft. dryer, steam, SenseClean automatic load detection, TurboWash under 30-minute cycle
LG WKEX200HWA 27-inch washer with electric dryer in White
LG WKEX200HBA 27-inch washer with electric dryer in Black Steel
LG WKGX201HWA 27-inch washer with gas dryer in White
LG WKGX201HBA 27-inch washer with gas dryer in Black Steel
Studio W 27" x H 74 3/8" x D 32 3/4", 5.0 cu. ft. washer, 7.4 cu. ft. dryer, steam, SenseClean automatic load detection, TurboWash under 30-minute cycle, EasyLoad drum
LG WSEX200HNA 27-inch large washer with electric dryer in Noble Steel
LG WSGX201HNA 27-inch large washer with gas dryer in Noble Steel

Factors to Consider When Buying a Washer and Dryer

Aside from the configuration, there are a couple of important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new washing machine.

Cleaning Ability
Of course, the first thing you'll want to note when you're looking at a washer is how well it can clean. After all, the whole point of having a washing machine is to make sure your clothes come out fresh and clean in as little time as possible. Washer fabric care features matter, too.

Ideally, a washer has specialized cycles for stain removal and delicate fabrics. A poorly designed drum can ruin clothing; however, one with a smooth surface helps prevent snags and optimizes fabric care.

Cycle Speed
There's nothing worse than waiting for laundry to finish so you can get on with your day. LG understands this, which is why the company armed the LG WashTower with TurboWash 360. This impressive wash cycle sprays five jets of water to clean large loads in less time, under 30 minutes.

Dryer Options
The cleaning doesn't have to stop when your clothes come out of the washer. The LG WashTower has a fully featured dryer with steam to reduce static, soften wrinkles, and sanitize your clothes. In fact, many dryers today include cycles that sanitize, remove dust and debris (like pet hair), and provide wrinkle care by steaming your clothes.

Energy and Water Use
Energy and water conservation are good for the environment and your utility bills. When shopping for a new washer, it's important to look for an Energy Star certification, which the LG WashTower has received. This LG unit also has load-sensing technology. In the washer, the sensors use LG technology to scan the load and determine the amount of water needed to clean them, rather than indiscriminately filling up. In the dryer, the sensor kicks in to lower the heat and conserve energy by stopping the cycle when your clothes are dry. This energy saver is sure to lower your utility bill and positively impact the environment.

Specialty Cycles and Programs
Specialty cycles and programs help you customize your washing and drying based on your individual needs. The WashTower emphasizes its smart learner capabilities with targeted cycles and programs. In addition to the Allergiene and TurboWash 360 cycles that we've already mentioned, the LG WashTower has a TurboSteam setting to keep bedding and dry-clean only items sanitary and fresh between washes. The power of steam is evident with the LG WashTower’s TurboSteam feature.

LG WashTower Installation: What Parts Do I Need?

  • Hot and cold water intake hoses, including a connecting supply hose
  • Gas dryer models come with two 110 volt power cords; you're all set.
  • Electric dryer models come with one 110 volt power cord for the washer; you'll need a three- or four-prong 240 volt cord for the dryer.
  • Gas dryer models require a flex hose.
  • For either the gas or electric dryer model, you need a semi-rigid vent kit.


If you're looking for a compact laundry solution that doesn't compromise on quality, the LG WashTower is a great investment. The sleek single unit LG WashTower takes up much less space, which gives you room to add a folding table, a sink, or whatever you'd like to your laundry room or squeeze it into a small space in your home.

The easy-to-reach controls and quick yet effective wash cycles are just a few of the many highlights of this unit.

The LG WashTower’s premium looks, stainless steel tubs, large capacity, potential for larger loads, chrome rim, and control knob accents further emphasize its sophistication. It'll truly transform laundry from a tedious chore to an enjoyable task.

LG WashTower FAQs

Are the washer/dryer doors reversible in the LG WashTower? The washer door is not reversible. The dryer door is reversible.

Is side venting possible? The electric dryer models have three-way venting possibilities using optional vent kits sold by LG. Gas dryer models have two-way venting options.

Is the LG WashTower full size?
The LG WashTower has a 4.5 cu. ft. washer and a 7.4 cu. ft. dryer. Most front-load washers have between 4.2 and 5 cu. ft. of space. Jumbo machines can have more than 5 cu. ft., to wash even larger quantities of clothes and linens at once. Most dryers have around 7 cu. ft. capacity. The LG WashTower is on the smaller size, but it's definitely not a compact washer dryer.

Is the LG WashTower one piece?
Yes, the single unit WashTower has a washer on the bottom and a dryer at the top; the controls are at the center. No stacking kit is required.

How much does the LG WashTower cost?
Various models currently retail for between just over $2,000 and just under $3,000.